Wisdom Tooth Removal

Do you know why your wisdom teeth are called such? Wisdom teeth or the third molars are the last set of molars to erupt.

They appear around ages 17-25 and are named ‘wisdom teeth’ because they appear at an age you are supposed to have acquired wisdom.

But wisdom teeth do not only come with wisdom. They can also bring a number of dental issues with them. When this happens, your dentist will have to remove any problematic wisdom tooth.

At Ulladulla Dental Centre, our goal is to stop any possible dental issue from worsening and compromising your oral health.

Read on and learn more about your wisdom teeth and why in some cases they should be removed.

Common Reasons For Wisdom Tooth Removal

The normal set of permanent teeth numbers 32, including the wisdom teeth. But, even if your third molars are not present, your biting and chewing capacities remain at their best.

A wisdom tooth may have the following issues leading to its extraction such as:

1 Impaction

This is the most common issue of a wisdom tooth. When there isn’t enough room for a wisdom tooth to erupt, it pushes against surrounding teeth in an attempt to break out.

2 Gum flaps

A gum flap or tissue may cover the erupting wisdom tooth. This doesn’t cause any bite difficulty or pain, but the flaps can trap food and become perfect hiding spots for bacteria to thrive.

3 Cysts

Newly erupted teeth may have cysts form around them. If left untreated they can hollow out your jawbone and damage the nerves.

4 Alignment

An impacted wisdom tooth can also lead to crowding and may even damage previous dental work such as orthodontics.

Why Is It Important To Remove A Problematic Wisdom Tooth?

A problematic wisdom tooth can lead to greater oral health risks such as tooth decay, bite difficulty, dental abscess, and may even damage previous dental works.

The longer you delay getting a removal done, the longer you expose your oral health to damage.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

The extraction process takes around 45 minutes. Before the procedure, your dentist will check your medical history. You can tell your dentist if you have any medical condition. Your safety is of utmost importance.

Before extraction, your dentist will administer anaesthesia to numb you. It is a completely safe procedure, but as an AHPRA requirement, your dentist will give you the option of seeking a second opinion from an equally qualified dentist.

The result of your X- ray will determine what kind of extraction takes place. Your dentist may or may not make an incision in your gums or bone to remove the tooth. If a cut is necessary, your dentist will later stitch the wound so it can heal quickly. The stitches used will dissolve after a few days. Gauze pads may be used to soak up the blood in your mouth.

Consultation for Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Ulladulla

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.