Dental Emergency

No one can predict when a dental emergency might happen. One can only prepare for it. At Ulladulla Dental Centre, we make sure that we are always prepared for any dental emergency.

If you or your loved ones have a dental emergency, you can trust your Ulladulla Dental Centre dentist to respond quickly and effectively. A same day emergency appointment is available!

Unfortunately, children are not excused from dental emergencies. In fact, they are more vulnerable to them. Their carefree and explorative nature can make them easy victims. Hence as parents, it is

Brush your teeth gently, floss in between teeth to make sure that there is no food debris left in the mouth. Use an antiseptic mouthwash or a saltwater solution to rinse your mouth with. (1/2 teaspoon of

A dental abscess is a dental emergency that indicates an underlying dental problem progressing in the mouth. Most cases look harmless but they are not. They need immediate attention; otherwise the infection can only worsen.

Secure the knocked out tooth immediately. Pick it by the crown and do not touch the root. If you see a foreign matter on the tooth, rinse it with lukewarm water for no more than 10 seconds. Do not brush, scrape, or rub. For a permanent tooth, reinsert into ...

Dental restorations such as dental crowns, inlays, and onlays are made of durable materials carefully installed to ensure maximum performance. These dental appliances effectively participate in your

Remove all broken pieces in the mouth. Move the wire gently into place using the clean eraser end of a pencil. Cover the edges with cotton gauze on your way to the dentist.

Your mouth houses not only your teeth but also a variety of soft tissues. Their health plays a role in your overall oral health hence you must also look after them. Just like your teeth, your soft tissues are