Broken Dentures

Tooth loss is a common dental issue especially among those in their golden years. Thanks to modern dentistry, getting your pearly whites back is easier than ever.

Whether you need a total replacement or restoration, Ulladulla Dental Centre can help.

Dentures are one popular tooth replacement option. Although their strength is not equal to that of natural teeth, they can still effectively take the place of natural teeth and perform day-to-day activities.

Unfortunately, dentures can be damaged. They are not indestructible despite being made from durable materials.

At Ulladulla Dental Centre, anything that causes you discomfort is a dental emergency. Denture breakage is one dental emergency that we tend to as soon as possible.

Why Do Dentures Break?

A denture is a dental appliance worn in the mouth to replace missing teeth and also their adjacent soft tissues. It is composed of false teeth attached to a plastic called acrylic, or to a metal called cobalt.

While each denture is carefully made to perfectly fit your mouth and perform oral functions, they can be damaged due to the following:

Natural deterioration. Daily strains caused by chewing and other similar functions can weaken the dentures until they reach their breaking point.

Abuse. Your dentures are made of durable materials but their strength isn’t equal to that of your natural teeth. They have limitations. Tempting fate by eating hard and sticky foods can cause damage to dentures. Using your dentures outside the regular functions of the teeth can also cause damage.

Accidents. Dentures may fall and break due to imperfect fit in the mouth. Imperfect fit is primarily caused by two things – poor dental work and progressive bone loss. Accidents can also happen when you remove your dentures at night to let your gums rest.

What To Do

The best way to handle a broken denture is to see your dentist right away. Whether it is a small crack or a total break, only your dentist can properly fix them.

Don’t be tempted to use over the counter denture repair kits. They can only cause further damage that might be irreversible. See your Ulladulla Dental Centre dentist right away.

Same Day Dental Emergency Appointment At Ulladulla Dental Centre

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.