General Dentistry

Your teeth may suffer from a range of dental issues or conditions other than chipping or natural wear.

General dentistry services focus on providing treatment to dental issues experienced by anyone from any age group.

These conditions range from simple to complicated, and all need immediate attention before they can worsen.

At Ulladulla, our goal is to provide quality dental care in a relaxed and welcoming environment. We want to create a lasting relationship with our patients, built on trust and excellence. You and your family in Ulladulla deserve only the best and we are here to deliver!

Below are our general dentistry services.

We offer an extensive range of dental services for everyone in your family. We adjust our care depending on the special needs of each age group. We are a family-centred dental clinic in Caringbah.

Saliva is more than just an agent of digestion. Do you know that it also helps your teeth stay healthy?

Saliva helps protect pearly whites from dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Your teeth may become sensitive for a number of reasons including exposed dental pulp and receded gums. Treatments depend on the cause.

A root canal treatment is a dental procedure that saves a tooth from extraction. It is recommended to address a number of tooth problems particularly those that involve the nerve tissue or pulp. The

Gum disease has different stages of severity. The first stage, gingivitis, can be treated with professional cleaning and a mouth friendly diet. Unattended it can progress to periodontal disease, which canno